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English words in which ss is pronounced as z.
In French, Italian, German and some other languages that use the Latin alphabet, the spelling difference between s and ss is used to indicate a difference in pronunciation, namely between / s / and / z /. More precisely, in certain positions between two vowels, for example, s is pronounced as / z / in many languages.
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Z Zulu Time Zone Time Zone Abbreviation.
The letter Z may be used as a suffix to denote a time being in the Zulu Time Zone, such as 0800Z: or 0800Z. This is spoken as zero" eight hundred Zulu. Some places with the same time as Zulu Time Zone.
Performance Pedigree van Carre d'As' Z Hippomundo.
1987 nbsp Carthago Z Carthago Holst, grijs hengst van Capitol I Gekeurd voor: Holst, Rhein, SF, SI, Z Niveau 1.60m met Jos Lansink BEL 1e CSIO 2000 Nations Cup 2000 La Baule FRA; 1e CSI-A 1998 Grand Prix 1998 Frankfurt GER; 1e CSIO 1998 Nations Cup 1998 Rotterdam NED; 1e CSIO 1998 Grand Prix 1998 La Baule FRA; 1e CSIO 1997 Nations Cup 1997 Aachen GER; 1e CSIO 1996 Grand Prix 1996 Luxembourg LUX; 1e CSIO 1996 Nations Cup 1996 Luxembourg LUX; Bekijk meer.
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pronunciation When to pronounce s as /z/ in the middle of words? English Language Learners Stack Exchange.
Whether that consonant is /s/, /k/, or // will depend on the next letter: if it is written a, o, u the c is /k/; if it is written e, i, y the c is /s/, except that as usual /sj/ assimilates to //; so, cell, call, ocean.
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Olivia Wilde as Z YouTube.
Gob 2 As z Ostendy 850 km i 10 As z Orleanu 1001 km! Ryszard Tosnowiec 2061, views. Olivia Wilde: State of Female Justice GRITtv Duration: 402. The Laura Flanders Show 155155, views. Alex Pettyfer Vanessa Hudgens Beastly Press Junket Interview Duration: 358.
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Z Wikipedia.
z is more common in the Oxford spelling of British English, as this variant prefers the more etymologically correct ize endings to ise endings; however, yse is preferred over yze in Oxford spelling, as it is closer to the original Greek roots of words like analyse.
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pronunciation What's' the rule for pronouncing s as /z/ or /s/? English Language Usage Stack Exchange.
I'm' confused about whether you're' talking about phonemes or phonetics here. Shouldn't' a phonemes notation like phonemic /z/ stay the same no matter how it gets pronounced phonetically under assimilation to phonetic z or z or z or s or s or s or whatnot? Or are we now venturing into the territory of some hypothetical /Z/ archiphoneme or however you want to represent such things? tchrist Feb 11 at 1456.: @tchrist, Yes, it should. Did I somehow imply otherwise? My answer does not mention any phonetic forms or archiphonemic forms if there are such things, so I'm' having difficulty understanding your question. Maybe you are doubting the existence of any rules which apply to phonemic forms and produce phonemic forms as a result?
Performance Pedigree of Quick Laura As Z Hippomundo.
1987 Valse des Champs SF, chestnut mare by Starter See more. 1999 nbsp Quidam De Leymen Z Z, bay stallion by Quidam de Revel. 2001 nbsp Quina As Z Z, bay mare by Quick Star. In order to see more, please register for free or log into your account.

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