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Z Meaning in the Cambridge English Dictionary.
Meaning of Z in the English Dictionary. Z" in American English. See all translations. Z noun C. plural Zs, Zs, zs or zs also z us / zi / / zed /. the 26th and last letter of the English alphabet.
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Z definition of Z by The Free Dictionary.
n Z nt, z nt; to catch some Zs US inf: take a nap sich aufs Ohr hauen inf. abbr atomic number Z Z. z zd, m zi n letter Z, z f or m inv. Z for Zebra Z come Zara.
Z Definition of Z by Merriam-Webster.
Examples of z in a Sentence. a word that begins with a z. a word that begins with z. First Known Use of z. before 12th century. in the meaning defined at sense 1a. See Words from the same year.
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What does z mean? z Definition. Meaning of z.
Ware z, hacker z, password z, keygen z, serial z, cracker z, etc. See more words with the same meaning: alternative spellings or pronunciations list of. See more words with the same meaning: computer slang. Last edited on Jun 30 2011.
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z Meaning YouTube.
Turtlediary 85509, views. Z, Z name, Z naam, Z, Nature of name Z, Z nam wale log kese hote h Duration: 919. Dilip soni ASTROLOGER 57069, views. 3000 Common English Words with Pronunciation Duration: 10926. feqwix 455583, views. Null Meaning Duration: 031.
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Z definition and meaning Collins English Dictionary.
noun Word forms: plural Z's' or z's.' the twenty-sixth and last letter of the English alphabet: via Latin from the Greek zeta. any of the speech sounds that this letter represents, as, in English, the z of zone. a type or impression for z or Z.
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Z Define Z at
the 26th letter of the English alphabet, a consonant. any spoken sound represented by the letter Z or z, as in zero, zigzag, or buzzer. something having the shape of a Z. a written or printed representation of the letter Z or z.
Z Wikipedia.
A glyph variant of Z originating in the medieval Gothic minuscules and the Early Modern Blackletter typefaces is the tailed z German geschwänztes Z, also Z mit Unterschlinge. In some Antiqua typefaces, this letter is present as a standalone letter or in ligatures.
Urban Dictionary: Z.
Should be: Zylophone, Zenophobia, Ezited Z" is a pretty useless letter, but we love it anyways." by theshinykitty March 30, 2005. Get a z mug for your mom Jovana. Letter often used by morons where S would be more appropriate.
Z Glossary Etymology, Meaning and Definition of Spiritual and Religious Words.
The name Zarathustra also possesses interesting etymological meaning in the word le'setor, to" slap, which was a Zen method for spiritual masters to reprimand their naive, spiritually-unconscious disciples, and expresses the strong, controversial and confrontational character of Nietzsche's' fictional depiction of the Persian Prophet.

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