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Almanach Zdrowia TOZu i Szpitala ydowskiego Fundacji Maurycego Lazarusa Lwow, 1937; Israel Biber, Higyene: Individuele un sotsyale Vilna, 1933; Hirsh Mac, Di oyfgabn fun TOZ: Oyfn gebit fun higyene-propaganda Vilna, 1937; Joseph Marcus, Social and Political History of the Jews in Poland, 19191939 Berlin, 1983.
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Get a toz mug for your barber Bob. by which something good or funny has been done. woah did i miss something? Something good happen? mate, you should have been there, she did a toz. toz did-good funny awesome good times.
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TOZ rifle Wikipedia.
TOZ rifles, manufactured by the Tula Arms Plant Russian abbreviation TOZ stands for Tulsky Oruzheyny Zavod, include. single-shot bolt-action 22 rifles TOZ-8 8, TOZ-12 12 1. repeating 22 rifles TOZ-16, TOZ-17, TOZ-18, TOZ-21 and TOZ-78. TOZ-94 and TOZ-194 Russian pump-action shotguns.
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TOZ Wikipedia.
Look up toz in Wiktionary, the free dictionary. TOZ may refer to.: Companies and organizations edit. Association for Joint Cultivation of Land or TOZ, a form of agricultural cooperative in early Soviet Union 19181938. TOZ Penkala, a company from Zagreb, Croatia.
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Troy ounce toz Glossary Sumitomo Metal Mining Co, Ltd.
Troy ounce toz. Troy ounce toz. The troy ounce is the standard unit of weight for precious metals such as gold and silver. It equals approximately 31.1 grams. It is named after Troyes, a city in the Champagne region of central France that was the site of a major market in Europe in medieval times.
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TOZ Penkala Wikipedia.
New technologies, functionality, high quality and standard have affirmed the TOZ as a reliable partner in business circles in the whole world. Thanks to the successful collaboration with engineer Krunoslav Penkala, son of Slavoljub Penkala, the company entered the tradition of Penkala in the business and introducing of product under that trade mark in 2000 and the change of the company name in 2001.
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toz Wiktionary.
From Old Turkic toz, from Proto-Turkic t. Most probably also borrowed into Tocharian A tor and Tocharian B taur dust" before the sound change of proto-Turkic to z. IPA key: /toz/. toz definite accusative tozu, plural tozlar. Definite accusative tozu.

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